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A Comprehensive Approach  

to Mental Health


Founded in 1994, Newport Bay Hospital (NBH), located in beautiful Newport Beach, California is operated as a 34 bed, locked, inpatient psychiatric hospital. We are a short term stay facility dedicated to the treatment of the adult/senior population. NBH accepts both voluntary and involuntary patients who have an acute psychiatric illness. NBH is licensed by the State of California, is LPS designated, and Medicare certified.

Our program philosophy is based on an approach whereby patients with primary psychiatric diagnosis actively engage in treatment with the guidance of their Physicians and the treatment team.  Through this experience, patients learn to better understand themselves and their opportunities for improvement. This process provides patients to practice new coping skills to manage their lives, based on their physical, developmental, social, psychological, and spiritual needs.

An intensive evaluation and diagnosis of acute, emotional, and behavioral problems such as mood disorders, dementia and psychosis will be provided. In addition, the hospital provides a comprehensive treatment program to patients experiencing medical conditions along with their psychiatric symptoms. The focus of the acute short term hospitalization is evaluation and stabilization. Discharge planning assistance is provided.   

Newport Bay Hospital

NBH accepts Medicare, NBH contracted Medicare Advantage Plans, In-Network Commercial PPO's and HMO's. As a courtesy, we will contact your carrier to determine coverage benefits for NBH. By knowing exactly what your coverage entails, we can work with you to help you make an informed decision. We know this can be a confusing process, so we are happy to answer questions and help you navigate each step. We are actively working to obtain agreements with insurance carriers and medical groups. In some cases, we are able to negotiate a single case agreement, and are happy to discuss with you how this works.


NBH accepts patients who are 21 years of age or older. Our average population ranges from 50 to 80 years of age, however, NBH has treated patients as young as 21 and as old as 105. For many individuals this can be a first exposure to mental health treatment and we realize this can be a traumatic and confusing process to go through. Our experienced team of professionals are available to help guide you through the process and goals of the hospitalization.

Some current symptoms can be a result of factors related to the aging process. Some of these factors that can contribute to mental health illness may include side effects of medications, grief, social isolation, change in brain functioning, the effects of a physical disease or a medical condition. 


Depression - Patients who experience extreme depression can also experience physical symptoms that include a change in appetite or sleep patterns, weight loss, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and an inability to cope with daily activities.

Anxiety - This is an extreme form of worry that can lead patients to have uncontrollable fears that keep them from living a fulfilling life. Many patients with anxiety experience anxiety attacks, which may feel to them like a heart attack.

Dementia - This is a condition in which a person has a decline due to physical changes in the brain that cause damage to the brain. This usually occurs as a result of the aging process but can also occur because of a stroke, Parkinson's disease, chronic alcohol use or from injury to the head. Symptoms can include memory loss (especially recent memory), a reduction or loss of reasoning abilities and declining judgment, disorientation, aggression and lack of safety awareness. Alzheimers with behavioral disturbances is a frequent diagnosis.

Psychosis - A person in this state has thoughts and beliefs that are out of touch with reality. An example is paranoia, which is the feeling that someone or something is out to harm you. People in this state may also experience hallucinations.

Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia is a severe brain disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior.

Bipolar Disorder - Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior. People who have bipolar disorder can have periods in which they feel overly happy and energized and other periods of feeling very sad, hopeless, and sluggish.


  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Neurological assessment
  • Psychosocial assessment & intervention
  • Neuropsychiatric testing
  • Specialized medical evaluation
  • Treatment of associated medical conditions
  • Medication management and evaluation
  • Group therapies
  • Restorative nursing aide
  • Discharge planning
  • Assessment of daily living skills
  • Patient and family education
  • Nutritional counseling

Mission Statement

To provide a Center of Excellencesm for the delivery of medically necessary services.To operate fiscally sound, high quality behavioral programming for the patients, families and communities we serve.To be advocates in addressing the ever-changing needs of the aging adult population.

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